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Dear All ComfortDelGro Cabbies

If you have any enquiries or feedback, please send it to us at Please  state your name and NRIC number in your email to us.

Alternatively, you may also send your feedback or enquiries to us via SMS.

Please refer to the following steps:

1. Type in "dro" space followed by your text.
2. Send your feedback to 72009

If you are a public or our passenger and wish to send in your feedback or lost report, please click here to e-file your lost report or click here to e-file your feedback to Customer Service Centre or call 6552-4525.

Thank you.


We are pleased to inform you that the MasterCard PayPass Promotion on Comfort/CityCab taxis is back. 

Please click here to view the details.  

Please be well advised to prevent or minmize the effects of haze on your health.

Please click here to view more information.

Please be informed that the former taxi stand located at the driveway of Bugis Junction along Victoria Street has been re-opened for use with immediate effect, as the underground construction works for the Downtown Line (DTL) around the Bugis area have been completed. 

There are now 2 taxi stands at Bugis Junction to pick up/set down taxi commuters, details as follows:

B11 Taxi stand at driveway of Bugis Junction Tower, on the right side of North Bridge Road 
B18 Taxi stand at driveway of Bugis Juntion, on the left side of Victoria Street

While the official number of taxis that are allowed to queue at the taxi stand is 2 taxis only, the driveway may be long enough to accommodate up to 4 taxis within the driveway.  However, please note that a full-day bus lane scheme is still in place along Victoria Street. Please be reminded of the operational hours of the full day bus lane. Please refrain from tail-backing to Victoria Street, while queuing at the taxi stand.

You may click here to view the taxi stand (B18), and here for an updated list of taxi stands and taxi stop facilities in/outside CBD.   

Please click here to view CABBY Issue 50.

Below are the highlights:

Page No. Contents
Tapping On Technology
3 to 5 New Rewards Proints Programme for Cashless-paying passengers
7 to 8 Top Call Booking Jobs Performers
9 to 11 Use the correct footop sign
12 Extra "Eye" in all ComfortDelGro Taxis
13 to 14 Help passengers with luggage and get spotted
14 to 15 From strangers to friends
15 Go online for Rental and Call Levy Summary
16 to 17 Wishes come true for boy who loves blue taxis
18 to 19 CabbyCare brings seniors on a shopping spree
20 Stop Theft
20 One-stop service centre at Senoko
21 A workshop to call their own
22 to 23 Tips to lower risks of acquiring chronic conditions
24  Help is just an SMS away
24  CABBY Contest 
24  Winners for last CABBY Contest