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Dear All ComfortDelGro Cabbies

If you have any enquiries or feedback, please send it to us at Please  state your name and NRIC number in your email to us.

Alternatively, you may also send your feedback or enquiries to us via SMS.

Please refer to the following steps:

1. Type in "dro" space followed by your text.
2. Send your feedback to 72009

If you are a public or our passenger and wish to send in your feedback or lost report, please click here to e-file your lost report or click here to e-file your feedback to Customer Service Centre or call 6552-4525.

Thank you.


Our health is the most important asset, without good health, we have nothing. And if we’re less fit than we could be, we’re sacrificing not just dollars (sick and unable to drive taxi for fare), but days — or years — from our life.

It’s never too late to turn things around. Even if we’ve neglected our health for decades, we can still start making positive changes today, changes that will improve our quality of life, as well as saving us money.

To help our cabbies to keep healthy, we had entered into a partnership with ActiveSG to provide free entry to all ActiveSG Gym and Swimming complexes islandwide on every Wednesday with effect from 1 Feb 2015 until Dec 2015. Our cabbies need only to show their I-Tag or a picture of the I-Tag from the handphone at the Guest Service Office and free entry will be granted.

We encourage you to take advantage of this arrangement and use the facilities for your regular exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Please click here to view the poster in Engish and here to view it in Chinese.

Our company has produced a video showing cabbies how to do exercises while inside and outside the taxi, please click to enjoy the video.

Please access to know the locations of the ActiveSG swimming and gym locations.

You may also click here to view the Swiming and Gym complexes' locations.

We wish you a Healthy and Prosperous year ahead.

We are pleased to attach the latest cruise schedule for Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore(MBCCS) from 3 Apr 2015 to 30 Jan 2016.

Please click here to view the latest MBCCS cruise schedule.

We are pleased to enclose the latest issue of Cabby No. 54, for your viewing. Please refer the attached table for contents.

Page Content
2 Call Levy-Free Week and Call Levy Points
3 More Customers, More Booking Jobs
4 Crazy Wednesdays and Freebies
5 Workshops and Activities
6 Safety First
7 Awards
8 Study Achievement Awards for Primary and Secondary Level
9 Getting Cabbies to Step Out and Help Out! 
10 Kindness Starts With Me
12 Cabbies to the Rescue - No Wallet? No Worries
12 Driving Ms Gao
13 Making It Right
14 CabbyCare Gives the Needy Free Taxi Trips
16 Honest Cabbies
18 Know These Locations
20 Cabbies, Stop Your Engine From Idling
21 Cabby Contest

Please click here to read the full contents of Cabby Issue 54.

Please note that LTA has received persistent feedback/complaints from residents staying near Zouk, around the Kim Seng/River Valley areas that taxi drivers have been honking their vehicle horns during the wee hours of the morning, typically between 4.00am and 5.00am on Thursday, Friday and weekends along Kim Seng Rd.  As if the situation was not bad enough, taxi drivers were also blocking 4 out of the 5 lanes Kim Seng Rd and causing obstruction to other motorists travelling along that road, who sounded their horns as well to get taxis to move out of the way.
Cabbies are reminded to exercise patience, consideration and refrain from honking and hording the road along Kim Seng Rd on the days stated above.
Do note that Traffic Police have been informed of the situation and would be conducting operations with LTA's Enforcement Division to book any motorists for breaches of traffic rules and regulations.