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Please be informed that Expo Drive & Changi South Avenue 1 junction will reopen from 26th May 2017 onwards.

Please click here to view the map for your reference.

We have received advice from National Environment Agency (NEA) not to discharge dirtied water into open drains after cleaning of taxis at our ComfortDelGro premises.

For our drivers to continue enjoy the convenience of using these premises for cleaning your taxi, we need your full cooperation on this matter. We have listed the Do’s and Don’ts when cleaning your taxi.


1. Pour dirtied water onto floor or open drains after taxi cleaning.
2. Use hose or pail to pour water on taxi.
3. Use detergent to clean taxi
4. Litter at the designated area.
5. Idle engine while cleaning


1. Take just enough water to wipe clean taxi
2. Pour dirtied water at toilet

Our staff will also be conducting checks at these premises. We seek your understanding in this matter.

Year 2016 has just begun and the Management wishes you a Happy & Healthy year ahead.

As the saying goes, Health is Wealth. To stay healthy, one needs to exercise regularly and eat healthily. To help our cabbies to stay fit, we have worked with ActiveSG, an “Active Wednesday” scheme to grant our cabbies free access to all ActiveSG gym and swimming pool on every Wednesday in 2015. The scheme was exclusive to cabbies of ComfortDelGro Taxi Business.  

Our cabbies' response to the scheme has been positive with many of them visiting the gym or swimming pool weekly on Wednesday to catch up their exercise. It has since formed part of their life style and they hoped that ActiveSG can extend this scheme beyond 2015.

We are pleased to announce that ActiveSG have extended this exclusive scheme for free access of gym and swimming pool to our cabbies on every Wednesday for 2 more years (now till 31 December 2017). We would like to encourage you to take advantage of this arrangement by visiting the gym and swimming pool on Wednesday for your weekly exercise to help you stay healthy.

Kindly remind all your passengers to take all their belongings with them before they alight. This will save you time and trouble to return the found items to the office.

This will project a good customer service image and we believe our passengers would appreciate such reminders from you.

Do you know : According to LTA; Scheduled Offences Under Vocational Licence Points System(VLPS)

- Retaining possession of passenger's property left behind in taxi for more than 24hours but less than 7 days - 5 demerit points & Fine $200

- Retaining possession of passengers' property left behind in taxi for 7 days or more - 21 Demerit points , Fine $500 , Vocational Licence will be revoked.   

Nonetheless, should any of your passengers leave behind any of their belongings ;
Please make a report to our Customer Contact Centre 6552 4522 (After office hour Lost and Found) and return the item to Lost and Found office the next working day (operating hours Mon to Fri 08:00 to 17:30hours except PH) or to the nearest police station (please obtain Police report number).